My Top 5 Birthday Gadgets


Today is my birthday. For those that didn't know, I was born on this day ..... years ago in the city of Lagos. For more effect, I added a baby picture of me above. Nice huh? My friends have been asking what I would like for my birthday. I have thought about it and have decided. If there is anything like Technation, I would be its number one techizen (tech citizen). I love gadgets and technology. So my wish for my birthday is to get the following gadgets. They wouldn't necessarily be the most sophisticated or expensive gadgets in their category. However, they would be my choice, afterall, it is my day. I get to choose right?


1) Samsung Galaxy S3: With 4.8 inch, 1280*720 pixel Super AMOLED HD capacitive touchscreen, 8MP HD camera, 1.4GHz Quad-core Exynos processor, 1GB RAM and Android Ice Cream Sandwich under the hood, there is only one phrase that can adequately describe this beas; "best smartphone in the world". That is no empty hype. The Galaxy S3 lives up to the billing as the top smartphone in the world. Great specs, intuitive software and the latest Android version makes this beast my one and only smartphone choice.

2) The New iPad: In the kingdom of tablet PCs, the Ipad is the undisputed king. Amongst the iPad clan, the new iPad stands out. With a Retina display, dual-core processor, better cameras and Siri personal assistant, it is the tablet of my dreams.


3) HP Envy Spectre 14: When it comes to laptops, we are spoilt with a ridiculous number of choices. Nevertheless, my relationship with HP Envy Spectre 14 can be describes as love at first sight. It belongs to a new generation of ultrathin and ultra-sleek laptops known as ultrabooks. Its arm rest and lid are covered with Gorilla glass! Add Intel i5 processor, 4GB RAM, SSD memory and glass trackpad and you have got yourself a winner. Apple fans may protest my choice. They may feel the new Macbook Pro with Retina is the more sophiscated laptop. I agree. However I d stick with HP Envy. It has what Macbook Pro doesn't, which is Windows OS. Sorry Apple fans, MacOs is not for me.


4) Spy Pen: Scandals and corruption are in the air and I'd love to jump right in James Bond style. Spy Pens are sleek, discreet and hard to detect. Above all, they are very affordable and highly effective.


5) Playstation 3: Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking; "you are a year older today Efe, you are too old for games". I disagree, am young at heart. No gadget list of mine is complete without a console. Ever since I lost my dear Playstation 3 to the infamous Yellow Light of Death (system failure), its been one of my priorities. So say what you want, I will always be a game lover.


That is it people. My top 5 birthday gadget list. Feel free to send any item in the list. Thanks in advance. I'd be at my gate waiting for any hint of FedEx, DHL, NIPOST and so on. Thanks for the love, care and messages. Love y"all. PEACE

over 5 years ago
Jenuwa Efemena

Jenuwa Efemena over 5 years ago

Mehn this kind gift na die.......guess you got millionaires as friends.

okafor valentine

okafor valentine over 5 years ago

dnt wory i go rub bnk n i wil get it 4 u. Mean yl hapy bday

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