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Day chinese lingerie wholesale Five: The Night Out


For a post-work night lingerie suppliers china out, I usually wear a bodycon dress with a push-up bra that - while accomplishing the goal of hoisting up my breasts into an acceptable cleavage arrangement - has a tendency to give me serious boob spillage if it's not precisely positioned.

Freya's Deco Corset Manufacturer China Vibe set is seam free so it's totally invisible under T-shirts and bodycon dresses. Which means no bra line or VPL spoilers.

Actually wearing a bra that pushed up my boobs with a smooth, clean line felt glorious. Turns out, having two breasts instead of four has the power to make me feel loads more confident. RIP quattro boob.

At the pub-meets-boxing-match (don't ask), I kept having to push through crowds of flawlessly dressed women and the occasional ring-side girl wearing fishnets.

Usually this would make me feel a little self-conscious. But with the power of pants, I knew I looked good. I felt good. Instead of rearranging and checking my appearance, I just went ahead and enjoyed myself.

Thanks, bra.

about 1 month ago
Kelly Fleckenstein

Kelly Fleckenstein about 1 month ago

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