Electroplating Phone Case Brings Full Protection

On street you can see thousands of mobile phones with monotonous cartoon printed cases, is not that there is no feature? Why most people will give the phone to buy a protective phone case? Although the mobile phone case to a certain extent, is playing a protective role on the phone. But in additional protection the vast majority of consumers are also concerned about their shape design.


Put your iPhone dress up is what each Apple user struggle to, mobile phone protection shell can not only play a role in protecting the phone, but also as a coat for the iPhone to add more beauty. Today recommend several shiny bright phone cases by Cell Phone Age.


Electroplating Rocker iPhone 6 case

Since the iPhone 6 release, it fell into a variety of "door" incidents. For the thinnest cell phone ever in history, if you just want to spend less than $ 10 to buy a mobile phone case, the Rocker iPhone 6 streamer series of protective case should be your choice. IPhone 6 polished series of protective case is made of high texture PC material that tough and hardened, anti-shock, wear-resistant and anti-scratch, color is dazzling fashion, multi-color optional. Electroplating charm colored feels delicate metal texture and ultra-thin experience.


Edge arc design feels comfortable on grip, while restoring the original beauty of phone. Standard signal line with holes, high speed connection, never hinders the signal, so that you enjoy the feeling of speedy Internet access. Rocker iPhone 6 streamer series of protective case is not only a very practical, in fashion sense it is also high class. This electroplating iPhone 6 case selected five kinds of color scheme, color match is simple and stylish, bright colors, collocated with the iPhone 6 original slim body looks even more beautiful.


Diamond metal protection frame

What is the effect of metal borders match diamonds? Lychee iPhone 6 diamond-studded metal frame selection of senior diamond, sparkling charming, with tough titanium, revealing the noble temperament, simple and elegant, distinguished to enjoy. Inside installed the buffer sponge cushion, you can avoid the phone frame and protective frame from direct touching, reduce friction, to avoid scratching the phone.


This protective frame used real phone data to open mode, hole is accurate, high color coordination, touch delicate thin border, as much as possible care of your love iPhone. Stylish simple design is easy to disassemble, highlighting the atmosphere in a set of coincidence, accurate signal line openings does not affect the phone signal. This metal diamond protective case has a stylish gorgeous shape design, Czech diamond with titanium material, making the shell shiny crystal, the iPhone 6 set off a beautiful fashion, and not thick without a sense of plastic.


wisebrave iPhone6 metal protection border

As all know that iPhone 6 body is easy to bend, so need to use the protective shell to protect it. After using the metal frame the phone’s feel and design will be enhanced? There is no doubt on that, wisebrave diamond metal protective border applies to Apple iPhone 6, ultra-thin delicate design, no signal interference, can give iPhone 6 to bring better protection while maintaining the original features.


Metal frame is made of high-grade aviation aluminum alloy, with high-light plating process, filling the perfect metal color. Using a unique secondary oxidation color to look soft and beautiful, while not easy to bleach fade, so that your iPhone lasting as new and longer life. Fine diamonds inlaid craft, sparkling texture, filling luxury. Metal frame shape, fashion simple, relatively good with the heat dissipation performance, so that your phone in high temperature environment is no longer trouble.


Clear call flash protection case

A flash iPhone 6 case from Japan can enhance your compliance, as call flash phone case is not a new concept. In appearance, this phone case and the general protective shell have no different, different from other calls Flash phone shell, when the phone receives a call or information, its back stickers continue to flash, and has a variety of patterns decorated optional.


Once iPhone calls or text messages it will continue to flash! You can decide how long do you want it to flash, until the surrounding people are blind, and then answer the phone, you are the strongest king! So cool phone case, not only allows you to receive information more convenient, but also make your iPhone 6 plus stand out. This phone shell only applies to iPhone 6 Plus, there is no iPhone 6 models by now.


Painted diamond phone shell cover

This iPhone 6 painted diamond phone shell made of high quality polycarbonate material Seiko produced, high flexibility, not easy to break and deformation. And no signal interference effects, thin design is not heavy. Pure handwork diamond, luxury diamond and pink color crystal, looks more luxurious, dazzling, every moment A-level Czech diamond are exclusive to a mosaic bit so that not easy to fall off, the real machine open mold is with one molding, hole position is fully accorded to original phone, more texture sense and shining charm.


In the daily use, iPhone will inevitably wear out, to their hearted mobile device equipped with a suitable protective case is necessary. This painted iPhone 6 diamond phone shell cover is made of high-quality PC material, with five characteristics of transparent, thin, light, tough and flash, if like if you can go to the online store Cell Phone Age to buy.


Now the protective shell has become an essential for smart phones, the more consistent appearance and more expensive price, larger screen and thinner body make protective case more necessary. Now there are two development directions for protective shell, one direction is purely decorative shell products, and the other direction is multifunction. On the current situation, the fashion decorative electroplating protective phone case for iPhone 6 is hot sale with changing appearance and lower price. 

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