Tips for saving money when repair your iPhone

When your iPhone has a problem, what would you do? If the iPhone is during the warranty period, because of some failures it can be free replaced, so you may choose to Apple after-sales for processing. But the reality is that most of the failures can’t be free to solve, for example: man-made some mobile phone failure, this situation in the After-sales maintenance costs are usually relatively expensive. If your iPhone warranty has expired, you may choose a third party repair business for repair, but also need not little maintenance costs.


In fact, for some of the iPhone's small failure, for our ordinary users, as long as you master some simple methods and carefully disassembly, you can repair a small fault by yourself. Here, we have to look at which iPhone's small faults can be fix by DIY.


"Software" failure:

1, after iPhone jailbreak, when "restore all settings" or "erase all content and settings", screen stays in white when restart.

2, after iPhone jailbreak, through the phone directly to the firmware update, cause a "crash" situation.

3, iPhone in processing, not unusual operation, suddenly appears "storage is not enough", and can’t restart.

 4, iPhone in work, not unusual operation, suddenly enter the recovery mode, and cannot quit.


In fact, many failures may be caused by software problems (in the absence of bumps, water, etc., there cannot boot, play video without sound and other issues), you can give priority to brush machine to repair. If this failure can’t be repaired through brushing machine, you can continue to check the hardware failure.


"Hardware" failure:

When the iPhone fails, we can use the iTunes brush machine to repair or eliminate software problems. After software problems are excluded, then take hardware maintenance. Note that maintenance operations are taken in condition of shutdown.


1, iPhone can’t charge or charge slowly.

When suddenly aware of the iPhone can’t charge or the speed of charging is slow or other issues, it’s not a software or hardware failure, but because lightning charging interface is "debris" blocked. The interface which stuffed with some cotton, dust, etc., will lead to the above situation.

Maintenance program: with tweezers (toothpicks, "needle", etc.) to remove the debris within the interface.


2, iPhone handset, speaker sound getting smaller and smaller.

When using the phone, slowly find the phone handset and speaker sound smaller and smaller, even if the sound is adjusted to the maximum, it is still not very clear. In fact, when this happens, you may think it is caused by inside the handset or the speaker filled with too much dust.

Maintenance program: it is recommended to use a professional brush on the earpiece or speaker mouth to clean up. If there is no professional brush, toothbrush is also a good alternative tool.


3, When the iPhone power remaining is still enough (such as the remaining power of 20%) appear automatically shut down, or fail to restart, or appear "white apple" when the insertion of the charger and other failures.

In fact, these may be caused by battery failure, battery loss is serious, the charger does not match, and etc. All will cause these above situations.

Maintenance program: replace the battery.


4, iPhone speaker is silent, no charge, headphone jack bad contact and other failures.

IPhone speakers, USB ports, headphone jacks, etc. are integrated in the Lightning connector (tail plug), so the above problems may be caused by damage to the Lightning connector.

Maintenance Solution: Replace the Lightning connector.


5, the handset has no sound, the front camera failure, video (front) call has no sound, black screen when calling and other failures.

The above-mentioned situations may be caused by software problems, there may be accessories or motherboard problems, when through the brush machine method to exclude software failure, it is likely that the "front camera cable" failure.

Maintenance program: replace the "front camera cable".


6, volume plus or minus key failure, vibration works not well, the boot key is not easy to use, using rear camera for recording video has sound, flashlight not work and so on.

The above problems, there may be caused by "external accessories" power cable or volume key cable damaged, from the iPhone 4 to iPhone SE power key and volume keys and other functions were integrated in one cable, and from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s Plus power cable and volume keys and other functions were integrated in two cables.

Maintenance program: replace the power cable or volume key cable.


In fact, some of the iPhone "external part" replacements are not as difficult as imagine, just need to have a simple understanding of the internal structure of the iPhone, carefully disassemble, carefully observe the structure and fixed parts. On many "external parts" problems, we can replace by ourselves. In the disassemble process you must remember the location of each screw. If you can’t remember the corresponding position of each screw, you can draw a screw position sketch as a reference, so that when install it’s facilitate assembly.


The biggest advantage of DIY replacement repair is money-save. For example, from Cell Phone Age to purchase a piece of iPhone 6s touch screen digitizer replacement, the minimum close to 30 dollars, the most expensive less than 60 dollars. If you choose street repair stores, through the price comparison, the result is at a glance, DIY maintenance is much cheaper than the maintenance of repair shop. After understanding these maintenance techniques, when your iPhone runs into small faults, you can have a try.


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