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Science and technology with each passing day, the mobile phone is becoming stronger and stronger, punched the computer, kicked on tablet. More than a decade to accompany with us the phone case is playing a very important role in our daily life. All along the changes in smartphone case have not been limited to the appearance, countless designers ingenuity into a variety of ideas, so that in the function of earth-shaking evolution. Today, with you to share several models of creative mobile phone case that no longer limited to the protection of mobile phones, they carry the function to ensure that people surprised and exclaimed: "never imagined."



Unique data cable lines for iPhone are not compatible with other mobile phones, so you’ll get in trouble if charging cable lost. In the back of CasePlug phone case a standard USB connector integrated. You can take the phone directly to plug into the charger or other USB interface to charge power as very conveniently. From the fundamental it is the solution to forget the charging line. USB connector can be rotated 180 ° to facilitate your iPhone plug in a variety of tricky USB interface. The other it can also be used as a mobile phone stand. CasePlug phone case is on the kickstarter and the lowest price is $ 25.


One-hand operation phone case

The 2016 bigger screen iPhone 7 for us brings more pleasant visual enjoyment while causing the the trouble that not able to one-hand operation. Japanese users Gusoh through the 3D printing technology to design a creative phone shell, the back is hollow, on the central there is a vertical handle that easy to hold, and so that your fingers can easily touch the screen’s every corner. It is the perfect solution to the phone is too large to hold. As the handle is located in the center, so both the left and right handheld are applicable.


Prynt Case

The phone case and the printer had nothing to do, but from the French Prynt team to insist on the two of them together. The phone case, called Prynt phone Case, integrates printer features, built-in ink and paper, and can print photos from your phone. It takes 50 seconds for the prototype to print a photo and can only place one sheet of paper. But the team said the final version is expected to be able to store 10 to 30 sheets of printing paper, print time will be less than 30 seconds. Prynt Case plans to raise funds at the beginning of next year, the pre-sale price of about 100 US dollars.


Seals Remix

Often use the phone to listen to music you must have been wrapped around the headset line troubled, and sometimes feel more depressed when forget headphones. By the British Seals launched Remix series phone case can help you solve the above trouble. Mobile phone case built-in automatic telescopic high-fidelity headphones, usually headphones crimp on both sides of the phone shell, if you want to use it only need to pull out the headset to the appropriate length. After turn off music, press the key button it will automatically retract like a tape, effectively eliminate the winding problem.



Now for one person to own multiple numbers is normal, but carrying a lot of phone with is very troublesome. Talkase phone case from the WirelessMe team is the perfect solution. It is an ultra-thin GSM mobile phone, but also a mobile phone shell. Talkase has a traditional physical buttons, so that can be separated from the mobile phone for working alone, you can also use the Bluetooth connection as a "child machine", therefore iPhone become dual card dual standby. Talkase minimum price of $ 25, currently only applicable to iPhone 5s / 6/6 Plus specifications, and in the crowd stage. When target is completed it is expected to mass production in December.


Crank Case

Would you like to make an effort to energy conservation? May you wish to try this hand-cranked Crank mobile phone case produced by Indian LUCID DESIGN studio? Inside shell built-in coil and storage capacitor, as long as drag the pull ring on back again and gain it can generate electricity for the phone charge. Of course Crank Case is designed for emergency situations. If you are more relaxed and elegant, occasionally pull a few minutes more may be able to extend the battery life.



Thing more painful than the forgotten charge line is to forget the charger, while the use of PocketPlug phone case can help you away from such trouble. As you can see, PocketPlug combines the phone case with the AC plug, allowing your iPhone to plug directly into the socket for charging. AC connector with folding design does not affect the portability, and can work in the 100-240V voltage, rated output 5V / 1A, to meet the iPhone charging needs.



Embercase phone protective cover can warm you up in winter, which is made of the titanium alloy, and built-in independent battery and heating elements to protect the phone at the same time warm your hands. The phone case uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with the phone, the user can control the temperature through APP. Between the protective shell and the phone also accompanied by a layer of ceramic airgel fiber insulation, to prevent phone from the threat of overheating. Embercase is priced at $ 90 and currently supports iPhone 5 / 5S / 6.


Although the above 8 mobile phone case are not particularly large practical, but the creative design is really admirable. As smartphone is becoming more and more multifunctional, select a suitable phone case looks very important. Mobile phone protective cases listed on Cell Phone Age com will bring you good experience.

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